Start collecting cash in your sleep! Join the online economy and launch your first digital product in a weekend for just $47.

What if you could…

  • Start receiving a cash injection in your business this month? 
  • Skip all the freebie kickers and attract quality clients you can help?
  • Actually get paid for a small product or appetizer WHILE you are crafting your full course in the background?

Well you can—with Digital Appetizer®

Learn how to make a quality digital product in one weekend before your signature 8–12-week course or program launches. Let’s be honest. That 1% course completion rate in online courses is real. WHY? Because life happens and starting points are essential...

There’s a reason why:
  • We crawl before we walk
  • 90-day probation before benefits exists
  • We date before marry 
  • College is right after high school
  • Appetizers come before full courses 

A Digital Appetizer® is your first product before your full course! 
(Get it? The appetizer! Haha I know…) But seriously, your digital appetizer is a prep product for your audience before they commit to the full entrée. 

Tell me if you’re….

  • Creating all the lead magnets right now hoping to get “seen”?
  • Working tiredless on your perfect webinar?
  • Posting everyday?
  • Showing up live?
  • Crafting a beta course?
  • Watching your idea sit month after month?
… BUT still seeing no revenue?!?

What if instead, there was a way to...

  • Prevent freebie kickers 
  • Grow your email list 
  • Provide value with a real ‘how’
  • Give your audience a taste of what it would be like working with you

    … all while getting paid for it NOW! 
That’s exactly why we created the Digital Appetizer®. Put your first paid product out in one weekend!
I’m sure you’ve heard high-ticket this, high-ticket that. Don’t get me wrong—we’re all about high-ticket offers, but there’s also so much value to come from low-ticket offers that you DON’T want to miss out on!

Give your audience an experience of what learning would be like from you on a smaller scale, so they can feel more empowered when it comes time to committing on a larger scale. 

It’s like a taste before committing to a high-touch program on auto. PLUS, waking up to stripe transactions from your “ideal client” never gets old. :)

That’s what we call a win, win! Provide a pleasant value packed appetizer WHILE you are working on the full shabam in the background.

You now have a person’s email address, a purchase, and a well-informed, qualified future relationship.

In my Digital Appetizer® course, you will get:
  1. Complete Digital Appetizer system with 6 core modules (value $997)
  2. Get It Done workbook using 6Ps (value $395)
  3. Automated CEO sales methods: Red Carpet Rule, Sizzle Sales Effect (value $997)
  4. Access to our private Facebook group (included)
  5. *Bonuses*
  6. Slide deck templates (value $395)
  7. Product mockup template (value $110)
  8. Dynamic Content caption prompts (value $395)
  9. List of Tech tools to set up your offer and product to launch now (included)

Finish your training in one weekend while you eat!

Join us in packaging your expertise so your sales can pivot on or off line. 

Hi! I’m Natasha O’Banion, Process Mastery Coach. I teach everyday people how to make passive income online through digital offers.

Over the past 19 years, I’ve worked for brands like Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Lexus/Toyota, and Honda selling high-to-low-ticket transitions as a Financial Sales Manager. I’ve also scaled a multi-state pet business that operates on its own. Creating sales on auto is kinda my jam.

One thing I’ve learned in sales is there's multiple stages in the buying journey. I too in my early sales journey had to learn just how many leads I was leaving on the table by not offering a transition point to entry before my high-ticket offer. I was stuck in the mindset of the country club with exclusive access, raise the barrier to entry and leave nothing on the table. But listen, when you’re doing business online, your barrier is that people don’t know you, however willing to get to know you at a small token to start.

Think of a dating app. I’m sure your profile is great and you’ve accomplished crazy goals, but work me into it. How many times have you met someone you thought was going to be *the one* only to feel disappointed with the experience?! The same thing goes in business. People want to know who they’re spending high-ticket time and money with.

Low-ticket offers prime that objection for a faster transition. I’ve spent my entire career streamlining processes and making it quicker and easier for consumers to digest your offer, and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you in the Digital Appetizer course! Whether you sell cupcakes, are tapped into a holistic lifestyle, coach or mentor, virtual assistant, pet professional, hair stylist, math teacher, or a fitness professional, someone needs what you have.

I do this because sales and positioning has literally changed my family's life and it should do the same for you. I want to help people fall in love with offering their expertise instead of feeling discouraged or overwhelmed in the process.

Here’s your 2-day completion schedule:


Breakfast: Identifying your edge
Lunch: Finding your people
Dinner: Clarifying your offer with a price tag


Breakfast: Make it easy to digest
Lunch: Learn our Red Carpet Rule
Dinner: Launch your sizzle sales effect

Right now, you might be struggling with jump-starting your additional revenue stream, wondering if you can really do this online business thing.

Right now, you also may be needing help to cover additional bills or hire help to kick off your full course.

Imagine if you can solve these struggles in your sleep. With Digital Appetizer®, you can.

Digital Appetizer® 

Join the online economy and launch your first digital product in a weekend for just $47.

  • Complete Digital Appetizer® system with 6 core modules (value $997)

  • Get It Done workbook using 6Ps (value $395)

  • Automated CEO sales methods: Red Carpet Rule, Sizzle Sales Effect (value $997)

  • Access to our private Facebook group (included)

  • Slide deck templates (value $395)
  • Product mockup template (value $110)
  • Dynamic Content caption prompts (value $395)
  • List of Tech tools to set up your offer and product to launch now (included)

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